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TruJiNaki Vogue began with the idea of a humble home surrounded by a metropolitan city. Having lived in a large city all of her life, our founder has learned both the advantages and disadvantages of living so close to a bustling downtown. With this knowledge in mind, she worked to create her first product centered around the biggest disadvantage of living in this kind of environment, which is safety. To address this, she wanted to develop a product used for safety but did not want to sacrifice the trendy aspect that came with living in a high-fashion city. Thus, her first product was born from the idea that you can protect yourself but also look in vogue while doing so.


 As a small online business opened in 2022, TrujiNaki Vogue is striving to become a well-renowned online store that will continually feature a variety of high-quality and affordable products based around our combined ideals of fashion and safety.

Our passion for excellence is evident in each and everyone of our products. We take each and every purchase with great importance and quality control is at the forefront of all shipped items. Our personal mindset of a superior standard has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The small team at TruJiNaki Vogue knows that every product counts, and we work hard to make sure the entire process from placing an order on our website to receiving the item on your doorstep is as seamless and smooth as possible. We hope you enjoy your order as much as we enjoyed crafting it especially for you. We sincerely thank you for your support and aspire to exceed your expectations.

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